English is Useless

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Yes, you heard me. English is the most useless subject taught in all schools in the United States besides Art. The language isn’t useless, but the subject sure is Anything past 7th grade is useless knowledge. Do I care about how many words Shakespeare invented? No! I don’t care about acting, who wrote who, the meaning behind the first three paragraphs of Of Mice and Men, or whatever Gatsby does while hes lying.

The only thing you should know is basic grammar and what different words are. The rest, just look it up online! It isn’t that hard to figure out.

While we are on the topic of things to look up online, why does anyone use MLA anymore? It’s so informal and it just looks plain bad. Chicago manual style is miles better, plus it allows the person to use Bible quotations easily without having to cite the author of the Bible (because its God (:< ). Plus I’m pretty sure that you are supposed to use a Sans font when you are writing MLA, but you use a Sans-Serif (specifically Times New Roman, the best font! besides FiraCode) for Chicago which makes it look much more formal and not like a high-schoolers not-even -tried-on research paper.

Before all you English majors decide to write an 8 page formatted APA paper about why this stupid blog post is wrong, let me just implant one tiny little thought in your seemingly endlessly large heads. Are you really going to use all these knowledge in the real world? I know that you use the same argument with mathematics, but the fact is that calculus is used much more in daily life than wether the Garden of Eden is significant in Of Mice and Men. Should everyone read classical literature? Sure, if you want to, but time would be better spent actually improving your life somewhat. Learn to kayak, woodwork, or weld. Do something other than spending your entire life in a seculded environmenmt where you are sheltered beyond belief.

PS. Most of this is not serious, I am personally very biased against English (the subject) I really don’t care.

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